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ACSN Action Agenda

[please print out and distribute copies or email to all your contacts]

1.  Tell everyone you know about this serious health and public policy issue. Post on message boards, etc.

2.  Ask the next 5 people you see using aspartame if they've had any of the reported symptoms. [Ask about migraine, mood swings, unexplained joint pain or muscle spasm/cramping.]

3.  Get off aspartame for 4 to 6 weeks to see your physical ailments and mental attitudes improve.

4.  If you are under a doctor's care for any medical condition which may be related to aspartame use - tell your doctor to enter into your official medical records that you have ceased using aspartame and want to be monitored by him/her from this date forward to see if your condition improves and your symptoms subside. Let the records reflect that the 'patient' believes aspartame use may have triggered or exacerbated the patient's symptoms. This step is very important.

5.  Join with over 10,000 consumers and concerned scientists worldwide connected to ACSN, to actively promote awareness in the consuming public. Especially when it comes to products formulated for use by children.

6.  Take all aspartame products back to the store. Insist on exchange for something healthy. Tell the store manager they may be making you sick and you want the manufacturer to know. Manufacturer's must understand that consumers will no longer tolerate neurotoxins in our food and children's items [including gums, breath mints, medications etc.]

7.  Write letters to the U. S. Food and Drug Administration and Federal Aviation Administration [or their equivalent if you reside in countries outside the U.S.] and manufacturers who use aspartame in their products. Copy the editor of your local newspaper and the news assignments editor of your local TV stations. State concisely and respectfully your displeasure regarding the government/industry cover up and conspiracy of silence in the case of aspartame.

8. Copy, post and distribute ACSN's Fact Sheet flyer to everyone you know. Help us spread the word. Let it be known that there is an organization aggressively addressing this issue.

9. Make sure pilots are aware of our confidential adverse reporting hotline. Many have lost their medical certification to fly which they connected to their heavy use of aspartame sweeteners in foods, drinks and gums.

10.  Actively support our organization with your time, money and other resources. Help us by making a generous donation today. Any help you give will be greatly appreciated and used wisely to educate the public about artificial sweeteners - thus promoting healthier lifestyles.